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About Rosenbrock Land Surveying


Rosenbrock Land Surveying, Inc. is a locally owned business since 2006, which is licensed and insured. We offer full G.P.S. and conventional surveying capability including but not limited to: Mapping, Data Collection, Lot Boundary Surveying, Asset Allocation, Construction Staking, Topographic Mapping, ALTA Surveys, Aerial Photo Control, Environmental Monitoring, Mortgage Reports, Land Divisions, and ELEVATION CERTIFICATES/ eLOMA's (click for more detail). Our staff has over 60 years of  land surveying experience along with an active safety and training program ready to meet our client's needs. 40-hour HAZWOPER Certification is maintained current by field staff. We take pride in providing quality surveys and will work to meet your needs.

"there's a point in the road"

Most people have seen them, they are the Section Corners which are the basis for most of the Boundary Surveying performed in Michigan.
This is a T-Iron driven into a wooden post enclosed in a steel monument box.  If you look close you will see the broken end of a steel measuring tape.

RLS holds the records for the following companies:

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